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Teruel es un gran lugar para rodajes, Teruel-shooting-locations

The lonely land between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, offers you middle age villages, great plains, mountains and abandoned settlements. Locations from the Middle Age to the American Midwest in few minutes. Shoot with us in our undiscovered amazing country. We tell you the reasons!

Safe and low population area

It's called 'The Southern Lapland',but it has good internal communications, security and health services

Undiscovered locations

Only a few productions have shot here, unknown places closer than you think.

See the map.

Great clear skies

Pure air, low level of rainfall and >900 ASM make Teruel the place where the skies are also leads in your production.

Public collaboration

National and regional film commissions, spanish incentives. We're working in local awareness, training public employees and designing soft local incentives.

Fun and confort

We're in Spain! Nightlife, gastronomy, accommodation. We know shooting is hard and we are ready for tourism and, of course, ready for your crew's relax.

Experience'n knowledge

We've worked as film commissioners and we're producers. Tell us everything you need from Teruel. See More

why shoot

Do you need a fixer? location manager? producer? permissions? local crew? catering? extras? guides? horses? special vehicles? logistic?... Tell us! We know the area. We are producers as you, we've worked in big and small projects and also. We know what you need for a confortable shooting experience. Our lonely land is waiting for you and we are ready.

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